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Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Have you been considering learning another language?  Perhaps your understanding of other languages is limited, and you want to expand your knowledge of other languages to be able to communicate with anyone throughout the world.  As a company that offers English classes in Orlando, we understand the reasons why our students want to broaden the amount of languages they can speak, write, and understand.  There are many benefits to learning a second language.

Connect with People

When you learn another language, you will also learn about how you can speak with those who have different backgrounds or cultures than you do.  This will help you stay connected with people all around the world.  By knowing another language, you will be able to understand what more people say and have quality conversations with many different types of people.

Career Advancement

Often times, companies offer incentives for those who wish to add another language to their portfolio.  This makes you a more versatile and marketable employee who can take jobs in different parts of the world.  Learning another language will give you a major competitive edge at work.

Improve Cognitive Ability

Those who speak more than one language have an improved memory, problem-solving skills, listening skills, and attention span.  Learning another language helps your brain stay sharper.  It also gives you the ability to multi-task and balance more tasks.

Deepen Cultural Knowledge

When you learn another language, you also learn about the history of the language and the people that speak that language.  This gives you a wider scope the world and its wide array of beliefs and ideologies that shape the people in the world.  You may also be able to deepen your connection to the human experience by expanding your awareness of empathy, tolerance, and acceptance.

Widen Your Travel Portfolio

Speaking another language may also inspire you to travel to the parts of the world where that language is spoken.  If you understand what the people in that country or part of the world are saying, you have already surpassed the toughest aspect of traveling to foreign places:  the language barrier.  Without this holding you back, you may be more open to travel.

Gain Perspective

Perhaps the most important of all the benefits of learning a second language is that you will gain perspective.  Learning another language gives insight into a foreign world that you may have otherwise never known about.  This expands your mind and alters your perceptions about culture, religion, and experiences that are different than yours.

This extensive list of benefits proves that learning a second language can enrich your life, your understanding of other cultures, and your ability to communicate with many different people globally.  Investing in your education with English classes in Orlando can set you up for success with English language learning.  Contact us today if you are curious about our class schedule.


Written by Lauren Yagla
Nov. 5, 2019