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Characteristics of Adult English Learners

Characteristics of Adult English Learners

Characteristics of Adult English Learners

If you are thinking of signing up for adult English classes in Orlando, then you may be wondering who about your classmates. In most cases, they are a lot like you. Here are some characteristics of many adult English learners.

Wide Range of Educational Backgrounds

Adult learners of the English language have a wide range of educational backgrounds. Some people come to Orlando to learn English before attending classes at one of our local universities or colleges. Others already have a college degree in their home country, but they need to perfect their English to work in the United States. Still, others have very little formal education, and they have no plans to continue in school. Despite diverse educational backgrounds, most students are thrilled when they see another student accomplish a feat that they have worked on tirelessly.

Highly Motivated

Most adults who take English language classes are very motivated. They want to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of their families, and in the world around them.  Most sign up knowing what they hope to accomplish from improving their English. Many times classmates get thrilled as they watch each other achieve their goals in Orlando.

Have Diverse Experiences

As adults, learners of English have already experienced many different things. Each person’s path is their own. Most, however, are very friendly and willing to share about where life has taken them and where they hope it takes them in the future. One of the fascinating things is the stories that people are willing to share with each other while practicing their English.

Unique Learning Styles

Adults usually enter the classroom often knowing what activities and techniques help them learn best. Therefore, teachers will provide a variety of activities to help all learners achieve to their best potential. Some learn best by listening, while others learn best by speaking. Still, others perfect their English by looking at pictures while some need to manipulate actual objects.

Are Busy

Many who take English classes are some of the busiest adults that we know. They may be holding down two or three jobs. They may be taking care of their children, while others are taking care of aging parents or other family members. At Celebration Language Institute, we value the time that our students put into attending classes by being prepared. We also appreciate the time that they put into doing homework on top of their other responsibilities.

If you want to take English classes in Orlando, come visit us at Celebration Language Institute. We want to work with you to learn the language that many call the toughest in the world to conquer. We offer a variety of learning environments to help you meet your personal goals. Call us today or stop by for a visit.


Written by Lauren Yagla
July 5, 2019