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English Requirements in College

English Requirements in College

English Requirements in College

If you are a foreign student thinking of pursuing your education in the United States, then you must take and submit a Test as English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL). This is required at 90 percent of the colleges. While each school has its own acceptable score, preparing for this important test is essential to boosting your score so that you can get into the college that you desire. This test administered by the Educational Testing Service is broken into four parts. Learning about each part can help you start to prepare.


The first section of the test is the reading test. You will need to choose where a sentence should be inserted into a reading passage. You will also need to be able to organize the main points from a passage in a table or a chart. It is essential that you have a strong vocabulary if you want to score well on this part of the exam.


You will need to write two essays during the TOEFL test. The first one is a summary of the information provided through notes and a lecture. The second one allows you to state your opinion. The trick for passing this part of the test with a high score is to organize your thoughts and not try to write five paragraphs. Instead, write an opening paragraph, a couple of body paragraphs and a conclusion. Do not try to write better than your English allows, but you will need to be familiar with some vocabulary words.


The listening section consists of four to six lectures from any subject that freshman college students often are required to take. You will also be tested on two or three conversations. Normally, these conversations are college administrators talking with a student about housing, financial aid or graduation requirements. You will hear speakers with a variety of different accents. Learn to take notes during lectures to score your best on this section as you will be expected to answer six questions about each lecture. You will also be expected to answer five questions about each conversation.


During the TOEFL, you will also be tested on your ability to speak English. Many students find this section the most challenging because it is designed to move very quickly. Two of the test questions do not require you to read or listen to anything before answering the questions. The remaining three questions require you to read or listen to something before answering them.

Going to English school in Orlando is a great way to get started preparing for the TOEFL as you will be submerged in speaking, reading and writing English for several hours each class day. Celebration Language Institute’s English school in Orlando offers students language classes, cultural experience, and special programs. Give them a call today at (407)815-5888 to find out more.


Written by Lauren Yagla
May 5, 2019