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Four Challenges of Learning English

Four Challenges of Learning English

Four Challenges of Learning English

Learning English as second language can be challenging for anyone.  Even fluent English speakers have challenges with their own language simply because of the intricacies and differences that lie within the language itself.  When an immigrant or non-native speaker begins the process of learning English, they will be plagued with a myriad of challenges.  At Celebration Language Institute, we offer fantastic English classes in Orlando to help our English language learners succeed and overcome these hurdles.  Here are the four greatest challenges of learning English.


When learning how to write the English language, spelling can pose a challenge to many English language learners.  There are many words that have silent letters or letters that together create the sound of one letter, such as "ph" for "f."  This is difficult for many learners to understand.  Many words spell the same but have very different spellings, and this requires a lot of practice in order to master.  


The English language has many words that do not sound the same as they are spelled.  This makes many words difficult to pronounce.  The language has different spellings that make similar sounds and it also has words with silent letters.  When you mispronounce a word, native English speakers are sure to take notice and may even become confused about your overall meaning and intention.  Depending on the language background of the speaker, they may have to learn an entire new phonetic sound that can be difficult to train your tongue to properly perform.


The grammar of the English language is tricky and intricate.  Non-native speakers may have difficulty picking up grammatical patterns during speech, and that could lead to a misunderstanding or wrong message being relayed.  English grammar has many rules, and with that comes many exceptions to the rules.  Because they are not clean-cut, they are difficult to remember and even more difficult to put into action.  Comma rules, pronoun-agreement rules, and plural forms of words have many exceptions and special cases that can confuse any language learner.

Dialects, Jargon, and Slang

Because of the complexity of the English language in general, it is tough to also integrate the teaching of dialects particular to certain regions in the US and also jargon and slang that can run rampant in careers and certain life situations.  Dialects, jargon, and slang typically need to be learned through interaction with groups of people and applied to real-life scenarios.  This poses a challenge for many English language learners, because they are already grappling with learning the basics of the language.  Learning dialects of a certain region or specific jargon words and their applications can add another complicated layer that creates a struggle for many.

There are many challenges to learning English as a second language, but at Celebration Language Institute, we offer English classes in Orlando that help prepare our students for overall success and the best understanding and grasp of the language possible.  Our strategies help to increase their level of understanding grammar, vocabulary, grammar, and jargon, and they leave our classes feeling more prepared to fully immerse themselves in English speaking communities.  Contact us today to get started in one of our English classes.


Written by Lauren Yagla
Oct. 5, 2019