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Learn English Faster by Recognizing Your Learning Style

Learn English Faster by Recognizing Your Learning Style

Learn English Faster by Recognizing Your Learning Style

Each person is born with one of four learning styles. Some people are a combination of different styles. Understanding how you learn best can make learning English easier. Looking for English tutoring in Orlando that embraces your learning style is a big first step.


If you are a visual learner, then you learn best by seeing things. Looking at a picture may help you remember the word that you want to use. You may also find that looking at timelines helps you master the order that events occur. You may be able to look at charts and graphs to learn what certain words mean. You may even want to create flashcards of people or places around town to help you remember the words or use pictures of your favorite celebrities.


If you are an auditory learner, then you learn by hearing. Surrounding yourself with people speaking English, like at an English tutoring in Orlando, will help you learn as you listen to others speak. You may also want to get simple English books and read them aloud. Then, listen to yourself read the story. Audiobooks are also a great learning aid that can be found at bookstores and public libraries. Listening to the radio or television can help you learn English.


If you must say something out loud to remember it, then you are a verbal learner. If you have this learning style, then learning English may come easier for you than it does for many other people. You can often learn by engaging other people in conversations. You may want to create your own stories and read them aloud to your friends. While taking an English tutoring class in Orlando, you may find that heading to a local coffee shop allows you to talk to people and practice your English skills.


If you need to touch something or do something to learn, then you are a kinesthetic learner. You may find that tracing words helps you remember them and their meanings. You may enjoy having friends and family members act out a word and see if you can guess what they are doing. While you may feel a little silly, getting plastic fruits and vegetables that you can hold may help you learn their names faster. When you are getting dressed in the morning, try saying the name of each clothing object as you are putting it on.

Regardless of your learning style, tutoring will help you learn the language. If you live in Orlando, then see Celebration Language Institute. They can help you learn through fun activities regardless of your learning style. You can choose between intensive classes where you will be learning English for nine or 18 hours a week. You can also arrange for semi-individual or individual tutoring. Contact Celebration Learning Institute at (407)815-5888 to get started today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
April 5, 2019