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Reasons to Enroll in English School

Reasons to Enroll in English School

Reasons to Enroll in English School

About 5 million Americans born in this country have limited English skills, according to the United States Census Bureau.  The agency also says that approximately 20 million people are living in America, but born in a foreign country, do not speak English very well. There are many reasons that people in America need to improve their language skills.

Job Opportunities

Many people find it difficult to get a good-paying job if they do not speak English fluently. Once they land one, it can be challenging to get promoted if you do not read and write English well. If you came to America as an immigrant, the chances are that you want to enhance your life here. Learning English is a great way to do that as you will probably make more money.

Develop Friendships

People who do not have excellent English skills often find it challenging to make friends in America. Learning English allows you to easily share what makes your home country fantastic with people who may never travel there. It also allows you to learn more about other cultures as they share their stories in English.

Become Fully Integrated

It is hard to become fully integrated into the great American melting pot if you do not know English. For example, your child’s teacher is more fluent in English than they are in a foreign language. Many road signs and other pieces of information are printed only in English. You may find new restaurants or attractions to visit when you learn the language better. Statistics show that people who do not know English are often the victim of exploitation and violence.

Protect Your Rights

As a person living in America, you have many different rights. If you do not know English, then it becomes more challenging to learn about and protect your rights. While you may think that you can always depend on legal aid services and translators, finding a competent one can be a challenge if you are in a hurry. You can protect your rights better when you speak English.

Earn Respect

Social acceptance, in many situations, requires you to know English. Most Americans believe that learning English is a sign of respect. While you do not have to agree, you need to consider that you may need to rely on people who think this way. You may need them to protect you, educate you, and help you in many ways.

If you are ready to go to an English school in Orlando, then call Celebration Language Institute. They offer several types of English classes, which allows you to choose the one meeting your needs the best. Each class is specifically geared to meet the needs of each student, helping them to stay motivated throughout the process. Attend English school in Orlando today to improve your life.


Written by Lauren Yagla
Aug. 5, 2019