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Why English Is Difficult to Learn

Why English Is Difficult to Learn

Why English Is Difficult to Learn

Many people find that English is a very difficult subject to master. Even people who have been here all their lives and know no other language often struggle with grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you are coming to the United States, then it is important that you master the language. Here are the reasons why English is so difficult to learn.

Which English?

One of the primary reasons that English is so difficult to learn is that the language takes on many different forms. For example, in Great Britain, the part of the car that you raise to see the engine is called a bonnet while in the United States, it is called a hood. Likewise, in the United States people ride in an elevator to get to the top of a tall building while in Great Britain, people ride in a lift. Even when the same word is used, they may spell it differently. For example, tire is tyre in Great Britain and color is colour in Great Britain. Even across the United States, there are many regional differences in how words like tomato and pecan are pronounced.

Huge Vocabulary

There are over 171,000 different words in the United States. Many of those words change depending on how they are used in a sentence. For example, you are going to go run, you are running and you ran. The reason that there are so many different words is that the United States is a great melting pot of different cultures. The English language has taken in words from different parts of the world when immigrants came here. For example, mosquito, alligator, burro, and cockroach are all common Spanish words while menu, omelet, and restaurant are all common French words.

Many Rules

The number of rules in the English language is astronomical. Then, there are many exceptions to those rules. For example, you may be taught that i comes before e except after c in English, but there are many words that break this rule, including science, weird, seizure, and their.

English Grammar is Nearly Impossible to Master

There are many English grammar rules, but many have common examples where they are not followed. You can expect to learn a list of irregular verbs in English classes in Orlando. Common examples of irregular verbs include break, broke, broken and awake, awoke, awoken.

If you are going to succeed in America, then you must conquer the language. Contact Celebration Language Institute about their English classes in Orlando. This school was founded by Meire Damaceno who has over 30 years of experience helping students conquer the English language. She is certified to teach English as a second language and Portuguese. Small group lessons taught by experienced teachers is a great way to start mastering English.


Written by Lauren Yagla
June 5, 2019