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Five Interesting Facts about the English Language

Five Interesting Facts about the English Language

Five Interesting Facts about the English Language

Are you interested in learning the English language?  Are you struggling to understand the English language?  English is the most widely spoken language in the world, so it's no surprise if you are interested in learning the language.  Knowing how to speak and write in English can open many opportunities for your life, including business, social, travel, and much more.  These opportunities can actually change your life.  However, learning the nuances of the English language can be difficult.  English is full of strange aspects, like dialect, jargon, rule exceptions, and similar words.  This confuses many English language learners.  When you work with our English tutoring in Orlando, we can help you overcome these challenges.  There are a few interesting facts about the English language.

S is the Most Common Letter Used at the Beginning of Words

Even though the English alphabet offers 26 letters to make up its words, the letter S is the one that is most commonly used to start words.  However, this can also be a difficult one for many language learners to master.  Because the sound of the letter S can be difficult to tongue, many newly English speakers often stumble over this pronunciation.

E is the Most Common Letter

Even though S is the most common letter used to start words, E is actually the most commonly used letter that appears in the entire English language.  In fact, the letter E appears in one-eighth of the words written in English.

A Pangram is a Sentence that Uses Every Letter

Whenever you learn the English language in preparatory courses in Orlando, you almost always start by learning the alphabet and the sounds of the letters.  When you do this, you may have encountered a pangram.  A pangram is a sentence that uses every single letter in the alphabet.  The most common pangram is "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Some Words Don't Rhyme

When you start learning the language, you may be asked to write a poem.  This can help you make sound associations with other words.  However, you will want to avoid using the following words:  month, orange, silver, and purple.  These are four words in the language that do not rhyme with any other words.

All Pilots Speak English

No matter where you live in the world, your pilot will always speak English.  In fact, it is required for all pilots to speak the English language before they qualify to fly.  This is one of the reasons why English is considered the official language of the sky.

These are just a few of the many interesting facts about the English language.  Understanding the language and its origins can help when you are learning to speak and write the language.  In our English tutoring in Orlando, we can introduce you to many of the complications and difficulties of the language.  If you are interested in learning English, contact us today to schedule a session with one of our qualified and experienced tutors.


Written by Lauren Yagla
Feb. 5, 2020