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Five Steps to Learn a New Language

Five Steps to Learn a New Language

Five Steps to Learn a New Language

Do you want to diversify your language skills by learning a brand new language?  Have you always wanted to learn a new language?  Learning a new language can provide you with many benefits, like travelling easily, climbing the ladder in your career, and improving your communication skills.  As an English school in Orlando, we teach English skills to many students that are learning it as their second or third language.  We provide them with curriculum that is tailored to their educational needs based on their current understanding of English and their desired learning pace.  There are a few steps to learning a new language.

Write Everything Down

With the rise of technology, many people have been neglecting the practice of good old handwritten notes.  When you are learning a new language, it will be essential to practice writing out your vocabulary and sentences.  This will help you build confidence and fluency, and it will also develop your writing skills.  By practicing your vocabulary and writing everything down, you will be able to memorize more words at a quicker pace.

Listen to Music

Many students that are learning a new language find that listening to music helps gain a better understanding of the language.  This promotes memory and increases your vocabulary, especially when you listen to similar songs on repeat.  Listening to music in your new language will also help with your communication skills, as it will strengthen your ability to listen and recognize words and meaning.

Watch TV in Your New Language

In addition to listening to music, it also helps to watch TV in the language you are learning.  This will provide you with an immersive experience with that language, which isn't always accessible depending on where you live and the language spoken there.  Immersing yourself in the language will help you to recognize common words and phrases, and it will also familiarize you with the way the words are spoken.   This will build your communication of the language and promote memorization.


If you have the opportunity to travel to places where that language is spoken, take the trip.  Spending time around people that speak the language with their native tongue will provide you with a first-hand experience around that language.  When you are immersed in the culture, it will enrich your experience learning the language.

Don't Be Afraid to Try

One of the most common mistakes of new language learners is that they don't try to speak it often.  Don't be afraid to open your mouth and try your hand at speaking your new language.  Even if you make mistakes, which you will, you will become more comfortable with speaking the language.  This will boost your vocabulary skills and provide you with hands-on experience.

By following these steps, you'll be able to learn a new language much easier.  These steps will provide you with the framework you need to grow and learn as a bilingual student.  Although learning a new language is no easy take, our English school in Orlando can help you through the process.  Contact us to hear about our schedule of classes and individual tutoring services today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
September 14, 2020