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Four Benefits of Learning the English Language

Four Benefits of Learning the English Language

Four Benefits of Learning the English Language

There are many languages in the world, and they all have their advantages.  However, English is one of the most accessible and universal language that can open many doors for those that learn how to speak it.  As an English school in Orlando, we provide quality instruction to many Spanish and Portuguese speaking students in order to teach them the English language.  This involves many speaking, writing, reading, and listening exercises that focus on student fluency and understanding of English.  Our students understand that learning the language comes with challenges, but they know the hard work is worthwhile.  There are many benefits of learning the English language.

Learning English Improves Your Listening Skills

When you learn a new language, your ear will become trained and fine-tuned to recognize the subtle changes of the words and phrase.  This will increase your listening skills, making you more aware of your surroundings and attentive to others.  Learning English will train your ear by engaging you in rhyming, pronunciation, and oral repetition in order to learn how to understand the words.

Learning English Provides Better Employment Opportunities

Learning English can open up many doors in your career.  Because it is the most widely spoken language, many careers insist that their employees have awareness and knowledge of the English language.  Businesses that work across the globe may have meetings that are spoken in primarily English, despite many of the staff's mother tongue.  Knowing how to fluently speak English is a great skill to add to your resume.

Learning English Increases Travel Opportunities

If you are interested in travelling around the world, you may want to learn the English language.  When you know how to speak and understand English, you will likely be able to navigate through any city on the globe.  You will be able to find English speakers in almost every city, which can make travelling much easier and less confusing.

Learning English Enhances Your Education

It's no secret that having knowledge of a second language, especially English, will enhance your education.  You will be fluent in more than one language, which will assist in getting into educational institutions or programs that can help you further learn about the content you desire.  Many people look for well-rounded and knowledgeable people to become part of their educational program, and knowing English will separate you from the others.

These are just some of the main benefits of learning the English language.  Because it is the most recognizable and universal language globally, you will have many opportunities once you learn the English language.   If you are interested in joining our classes at our English school in Orlando, contact us today to hear about how you get started on our schedule today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
August 19, 2020