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Four Common Reading Strategies for English Learners

Four Common Reading Strategies for English Learners

Four Common Reading Strategies for English Learners

Learning a new language is a challenge for many.  However, when you learn the English language, you open up many doors and new opportunities for your life.  Because it is the most widely spoken language in the world, English is helpful for both leisure and work.  English school in Orlando can provide you with the education you need to master the English language.  They will provide you with vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills as you continue learning the language.  They will equip you with these common reading strategies that many assist many English learners with the language.


Summarizing is a great skill for any reader, but especially for those learning the language.  Whenever you read a text, you'll learn how you can pull out main points to make a short synopsis of the text.  This will help you to strengthen your understanding of what a story is about and why it was written.  By understanding the big ideas, you can then latch onto the meaning of words you may not understand.


This is a critical skill that is taught to new English learners.  Sequencing is when you place items in a specific order.   This can be chronological order, which orders things from first to last.  It can also be a chain of events, which orders things by when they occurred.  This helps to understand a large picture or a series of events.  By piecing together each piece of the large event, readers can understand what happened and what caused it to happen.


This is a secondary skill that will be taught after English learners can comprehend the meaning of a story.  After they can do basic reading comprehension, they will then be taught the skill of inferring.  This is when they will be taught to draw a conclusion based on what is written.  It teaches them to draw meaning from the actual words they are reading, which can be more difficult than basic comprehension.

Comparing and Contrasting

Comparing and contrasting is another reading strategy that is an integral part of English language learning.  By learning how things relate to one another, learners can begin to make connections between words, themes, and ideas.  This also helps them organize the information they read about into different categories.  By teaching them differences and similarities between certain words, they can also boost their vocabulary and understanding of words and their meanings.

These are just a few of the common reading strategies that will help you as you learn the English language.  At our English school in Orlando, you will gain the skills and confidence to speak and write the English language clearly and correctly.  Our teachers have the expertise in English as a Second Language and will be here to support you each step of the way.  Contact us today to hear about our qualifications and schedule a class with us.


Written by Lauren Yagla
Mar 5, 2020