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Four Similarities between English and Spanish

Four Similarities between English and Spanish

Four Similarities between English and Spanish

As an English language learner, it can be difficult to pick up nuances, special rules, and exceptions to the rules when you are first starting out.  At our English school in Orlando, we provide classes that help many non-native speakers learn the language of English.  When you first set out to learn the new language of English, you may think it is an extremely large departure from many other languages, like Spanish.  However, there are actually a few similarities between English and Spanish that can help you better grasp the new language.

Similar Alphabet

Whenever you first learn English, you may be happy to know that the alphabet is very similar to the one in Spanish.  In fact, the Spanish alphabet only has one additional letter and symbol that the English alphabet doesn't have.  This makes it easy to learn either alphabet, because you will already be accustomed to the letters.

Similar Word Order

You'll be happy to know that Spanish and English have a very similar syntax, or word order.  One of the only differences is that Spanish speakers will place the adjective after the noun it is describing.  This is one of the only differences that you'll need to learn, because much of the other sentence structure and word order is the same.  This makes direct translations much easier.

Similar Capitalization

Many languages have a variety of rules when it comes to capitalization, which can make it tricky to learn them.  However, Spanish and English have extremely similar capitalization rules.  They both require capitalization of names, places, proper nouns, first words, and titles.  The Spanish language is different because it does not capitalize the word for "I" or any dates.  This is easy to remember and doesn't require you to learn an entire new set of capitalization rules.

Similar Vocabulary

When you compare English and Spanish side-by-side, you will quickly realize that both languages use similar vocabulary words.  These words are called cognates, which mean that they are spelled nearly the same in both languages.  When you encounter a cognate, you will be able to easily recognize it and immediately know its meaning simply because it looks and means the same thing in both languages.  Many English language learners love when they encounter cognates when they are in their lessons.

These are some of the main similarities between English and Spanish.  Understanding these similarities may help you better grasp some of the more difficult aspects of the English language.  When you enroll in our English school in Orlando, we will provide you with strategies and lessons to encourage your retention and understanding of the English language.  Our students will be fluent in the English language in no time.  Contact us to schedule a class or tutoring session with us today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
July 17, 2020