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Why You Want a Tutor When You Are Learning English

Why You Want a Tutor When You Are Learning English

Why You Want a Tutor When You Are Learning English

Are you interested in learning the English language?  Whether you are a Spanish or Portuguese speaker, you may be interested in learning the English language now that you live in the United States.  Having knowledge of English will open many doors for your personal, professional, and social life when you are living in Florida.  Many people that you encounter will have knowledge of the language, and learning it will provide you with the chance to speak clearly, be understood, and also listen and understand in response.  When you have the right teacher to learn the English language at our English school in Orlando, you will learn the language thoroughly and quickly.  There are a few reasons to consider going to English classes with a tutor when you are learning English.

We Provide Individual Instruction

Any time you are learning a language, you learn at your own pace, have your own strengths, and have different weaknesses than others.  This means that you will likely grow faster and learn quicker when you are provided individualized attention during instructional time.  When you learn the language on an app or on a computer program, you are not provided with these tools that are tailored to you as an individual learner.  Tutoring provides you with instruction to meet your needs, and your needs only.

We Help Improve Your Everyday Skills

When you learn English on the computer or behind a screen, you may not have the chance to interact with those who speak the language on a daily basis.  Working with a tutor will provide you with the communication necessary to build upon your own skills, such as listening, speaking, and writing.  These are critical ways to learn each aspect of the language.  We focus on practical application of the language in addition to the vocabulary building and grammar aspects as well.

We Provide Immersive Experiences

When you attend our English classes in Orlando, you actually have the chance to talk with other English language learners that are in similar situations as you.  This provides you with a non-threatening immersive experience that is great for practicing your language skills.  Rather than be anxious out in the community, you are able to have a chance to try out your speaking and listening skills with others before you need to use them in real life.  

These are a few great reasons why you should consider hiring a tutor or going to English language classes when you are learning English.  Having the assistance of a professional tutor or teacher will help you learn the language quickly and more accurately.  If you are looking for quality English classes in Orlando, contact Celebration Language to hear how we can help you get started today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
October 14, 2020