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Five of the Most Common Challenges When Learning English

Five of the Most Common Challenges When Learning English

Five of the Most Common Challenges When Learning English

Although English is a language that opens many doors, it is not always an easy one to master.  When you decide that you want to learn the English language, you will have your work cut out for you.  The journey will be worth it, so stay motivated with the right English classes in Orlando to get you better understanding.  Because of the complexity of the language and the variations that the language carries across the globe, it can be more difficult to learn.  These are some of the most common challenges that you may encounter when learning English.


English grammar is complex, which makes it difficult for new learners to master the intricacies early in the learning process.  There are many different rules, and then there are also many exceptions to those rules.  Once a learner understands a grammar rule, they will then need to learn the list of the exceptions for each rule.  Although the process may be grueling, it will become much easier when they immerse themselves in the language by repeated speaking and writing practice.

Vocabulary Building

The English language also contains one of the largest vocabularies of any other language on the globe.  When speaking these new words, it can be noticeable to educated English speakers when these inaccuracies are spoken.  As time passes, they will begin to expand their vocabulary with more practice, trial-and-error, and immersive experiences.

Slang and Informal Language

When someone is learning the English language, they are often not exposed to the jargon, slang, and dialect that the language carries.  This means that they may encounter words that carry different meanings when they are visiting different regions or countries that speak the language.  It is important to pay attention to these words and the colloquial nature that they carry, but this is something that is better done as you explore new areas.

Pronunciation and Speaking Skills

Speaking the language is a challenge for any new language learner, and this is no different when learning English.  There are some letters in the English letter that may be silent in some words but not in others, which is a challenge for any novice speaker to grasp.  Words such as “subtle” will be more difficult to speak once learners first encounter them on the page.

Variations in the Language

English is one of the most complicated languages because there are many different variations and meanings of the same words or phrases.  For example, some words are spoken phonetically while others are not.  Some words sound the same but carry different meanings.  Over time, English language learners will be able to distinguish these differences, but it will take time and practice.

These are some of the most common types of challenges that English language learners face when they are first learning English.  With the help of the right instructor, you can overcome these challenges and learn English quicker and easier.  If you are looking for English classes in Orlando, contact Celebration Language to hear about our schedule today.


Written by Lauren Yagla
August 19, 2021