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Four Ways to Use Stories and Books to Learn English

Four Ways to Use Stories and Books to Learn English

Four Ways to Use Stories and Books to Learn English

Are you looking for ways to learn the English language organically?  Do you want to make learning a new language fun and exciting?  When you enroll in our English school in Orlando, we can provide you with the lessons, tools, resources, and community so that you can enjoy learning English.  When you have the right resources, you can learn much quicker and much more effectively.  Stories and books provide us with the words and images to make learning more enjoyable.   There are a few ways that you can use stories and books to learn English.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great resource to learn English by immersing yourself in the language.  Because you cannot spend all of your time listening to those who fluently speak, you can spend your time listening to books on tape so that you can continue training your ear.  When you listen to audiobooks, you will be able to notice things like grammar, inflection, pronunciation, and dialect.  This will provide you with a great understanding of what to listen to when you are learning.

Choose Lower-Level Stories

When you choose the right stories to learn English, you will want to choose the level that reflects your current skill-level.  If you choose books that are too high for your current skills, you will not be able to get as much from them.  Instead, don't be embarrassed to choose the level that you are currently at so that you can truly learn from the books you are reading.  Start with lower-level books and work your way up as you get more comfortable with the material.

Pick Topics You Enjoy

When you enjoy what you are reading, you will enjoy what you are learning.  This can enhance the experience of learning a new language, making it easier to stay focused on what you are reading or listening to.  Choose interesting books about topics that you thoroughly enjoy.  One of the best things about learning from books is that there are such a wide variety of topics to choose from, giving you the opportunity to personalize the experience as much as possible.

Join a Book Club

Consider joining or starting a book club so that you can have a deeper connection to the material you are reading.  You can also practice your skills in both listening and speaking, which will provide you with even more awareness of the English language.  If you have trouble finding a book club that you fit into, consider starting your own with other students in your English school in Orlando.  

These are a few of the ways that stories and books can actually help you learn the English language.  When you are set out to learn English, you will likely want to equip yourself with as many tools and resources as possible so that you can be successful.  Contact our experienced English school in Orlando to hear how we can help you today.

Written by Lauren Yagla
March 22, 2021