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6 Tips for Learning English

6 Tips for Learning English

6 Tips for Learning English

English is one of the primary languages spoken globally and the standard dialect of entertainment, education, and business. Though it is known for being one of the most challenging languages to master, anyone can become fluent in English with commitment, attitude, and specific strategies in hand. Our experts on English tutoring in Orlando offer the following tips for learning the language:

Expand your vocabulary

Focus daily on building your vocabulary by selecting new words to master and saying them repeatedly to help burn them into your memory.

  • Write down words you encounter that you don't know. Then, look them up in an English dictionary instead of checking the translation. You will get more from reading the definition and sentences using the word to help you better understand the meaning with a dictionary.
  • Pick five new words you want to learn daily. Then write the words and their definitions on a piece of paper at least ten times to help you remember them.
  • At the end of your week, read the five words you learned each day for up to 35 new words per week.

Doing this daily should only take about half an hour but will significantly improve your grasp of English vocabulary.

Speak in English

Speaking the language you are learning every day will help you understand it faster and give you added confidence when talking with others. Remember that confidence is essential for feeling good about what you are learning and sounding more natural. So, even if you only know a little bit of English, keep speaking it as often as possible, so you keep getting better at it.

Use online translators for proper pronunciation

As we mentioned earlier, looking words up in an English dictionary is more beneficial than relying solely on translations. However, translators online can help you clarify the pronunciation and understanding of a new word. Click on the audio button to hear how a word or phrase sounds.

Listen actively

Intently listen to as much content in English as possible. Pay close attention to sources like everyday conversations, popular songs, and news broadcasts can help boost your knowledge of expressions, phrases, word patterns, and words. When you focus on just the audio, you will learn about nuances and inflections of specific terms.

Read out loud often

Reading will help you through repetition of recognizing how English words look. It will also help you connect the sounds of words with how they look written. In addition, reading books with dialogues is excellent for gaining more meaning from context clues and often involves the type of conversations you will encounter in daily life.

Watch TV shows, cartoons, and movies

Watching and hearing characters in movies and television will sharpen your English skills. In addition, it is an enjoyable method for picking up on visual clues from characters, like tones and facial expressions matched up with the words they speak.

These are just a few tips for learning the English language. Contact us today for English tutoring in Orlando and let us help you.