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Four Tips for Learning English Faster

Four Tips for Learning English Faster

Four Tips for Learning English Faster

English is a challenging and fun language to learn. But, even though it's an accessible and somewhat easy language to master, with 750,000 words and spelling that can really confuse even the most experienced learner, learning English fast can seem unattainable. But experts from our English school in Orlando are here to tell you that it isn't – as long as you use the proper strategy. Here are some valuable tips on how to master English quickly:

Read everything you possibly can

Classic books, paperbacks, magazines, newspapers, websites, email communications, social media feeds, cereal boxes: if it's written in English, read it. Why? These resources will be full of great new vocabulary and a reasonable amount you already understand. Reading helps you improve fast, as re-exposure to learned language provides you with new context examples, reinforcing those words in your brain. On the other hand, discovering new words and phrases is essential to building your language arsenal, particularly in a tongue like English with so many words! Nevertheless, don't just read and move on.

Actively take notice of new vocabulary

This recommendation is a classic one for a good reason: it works! When learning, we usually enjoy a new word or phrase so much that forgetting it seems unthinkable. But trust us, not everything stays with you the first time. To combat this, get into the practice of carrying around a fun notebook or employing an instrument like Evernote. Whenever you hear or read an unexplored word or expression, write it down in context: in a sentence and with its definition noted. This preserves your time as you won't return to that comment and wonder what the word or expression means.

Converse with real, live people

What is a language for if not communication? Sure, we humans have become connoisseurs at communicating without speaking out loud thanks to texting, but when push comes to shove, speaking a language indeed helps it remain in your mind far better than just reading or writing it. Just imagine how often you've heard somebody say that they understand but can't articulate English. Many would-be English speakers have turned talking into a huge unconquerable barrier that only helps to psyche them out. Don't live like that. Instead, seek native speakers for conversational language interaction, enroll in a class, or take courses online.

Subscribe to English-speaking podcasts or Youtube channels

Like comedy? Politics? Writing? Cuisine? With subjects covering every lure imaginable, there's an English-speaking podcast or Youtube channel for you. Subscribe to some and listen when driving or watch during your commute to school or work. Initially, you may find the native inflections challenging, but stay with it, and you'll soon begin to comprehend what you hear and learn tons of new vocabulary from a native speaker.

These are just a few tips for learning English faster. Contact us today for more information on our English school in Orlando.