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Student Visa

Initial Student

(Application from a student who is not currently in the USA. Applying for student visa from their country of origin)

1Step One

To get you enrolled in our program we will need the following:

  • Copy of Passports (From F1 student and F2 dependents, valid for at least 6 to 12 months)
  • Marriage Certificate (If spouse is a dependent)
  • Bank statement showing proof of funds (The most recent)

Proof of funds for each F1 student:
US$ 12,000.00 (for every 12 months on the I-20) or $3,000.00 for 3 months

Proof of funds for each F2 dependent:
US$4,000.00 (for every 12 months on the I-20) or $1,000.00 for 3 months

Payment of:

  • US$150.00 Enrollment Fee: Includes your digital I-20, Acceptance Letter, and Placement test from Michigan University (Non-refundable)
  • US$425.00 First 4 weeks Tuition deposit (Refundable in case your visa is denied)

Once you are accepted by CLI, we will send Form I-20 digitally by e-mail, along with an Acceptance Letter.

If you would like to receive Form I-20 by mail, there will be an additional charge.

2Step Two

Pay the SEVIS fee (or I-901 fee) at: https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/index.html

3Step Three

Fill out Form DS-160 at: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv

4Step Four

Schedule your Visa Interview at: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/

Once you are APPROVED by the Embassy, please contact CLI to inform of your arrival schedule.

Students may travel to the United States thirty (30) days before the program start date in your I-20.

Once you enter the US, please present yourself to CLI, you will be taking your Placement test, and buying your Books.