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International Student Affidavit of Self Support

Celebration Language Institute


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First Name

Middle Name

USCIS requires that each student submit documentation with proof of financial support. CELEBRATION LANGUAGE INSTITUTE requires the total amount of $12,000.00 for the Immersion English Program should be available per year. Please consider an additional $4,000.00 annualy for each F2 applicant.

*All financial documentation must be dated within 03 months of applicant’s intended program start date.

*Financial documentation provided must be equal to or greater than the estimated minimum yearly cost.

*Financial documentation not in English must be accompanied by a Certified English translation. This must be provided by a translation agency and stamped by a qualified translator.

*Proof of funds must clearly include account holder’s name, document issue date, available balance and currency.

*Account holder's name must match sponsor name on Affidavit of Financial Support.

*You will be denied admission or expelled if you send falsified bank statements or any other documents.

This affidavit is to assure the United States government that I, the above name student, wi ll not become a public charge while studying in the United States. I hereby affirm that I will make the amount of available every or that I plan to attend classes at Celebration Language Institute.

I have attached a bank statement to verify my capability to provide this amount.